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Natural way to freshen up your Toilet

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I am so excited to bring you a great recipe that I ran across through a wonderful fellow Soaper...Holly Port. You can pick up her book Make it Fizz on Amazon. So here is a how to for making really cool natural toilet fizzies. I so wanted to put Toilet Bombs but that seemed inappropriate. hee hee. Ok I had to slip it in there. Now back to business...ok this just keeps going. 

Seriously. Here is a great way to make them using our Sniffle Blend of Essential Oils. 

So to start you will need the following.

Sniffle Blend Essential Oils by Miss Doyle's Soapery 20-30 drops

1 cup Baking Soda

1/4 cup Citric Acid

1 tablespoon Hydrogen Peroxide

1/2 teaspoon White Vinegar

a mini silicone baking pan (I use the mini brownie pan I picked up at the store) You can use any type of silicone baking pan depending on how big or small you would like them.

teaspoon, tablespoon, measuring cups, bowl (glass or plastic), I like to use a dropper also. 

1. To start you will mix the dry ingredients. Try and break up all of the clumps. I just use my hands with gloves on to mix it. 

 citric acid 1/4 cup

baking soda 1 cup

mix to get all the clumps out

2. Then you mix in a separate small bowl or measuring cup the wet ingredients. 

add hydrogen peroxide and vinegar 

add 20 - 30 drops of our sniffle blend essential oils a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon. stir well. 

3. You will next add the wet ingredients very slowly


Be very careful not to add it fast because it will start to fizz on you. You have to start stirring/mixing very quickly. I like to use a dropper to add the liquid mixture to the dry. Then I will mix with a gloved hand vs a spatula or mixer. 

You will add practically all of the liquid. If you find that your mixture is already a nice wet sand consistency then you don't need to add the whole amount of liquid. It really depends on how humid it is in your house or building. 

Wet sand and will stick together nicely. 

Next you will put into a mold. I like silicone molds because they are easier to remove from. 


Then let them sit in the mold until they are hard. I like to let them sit over night just in case. Then pop out and put into a ziplock bag or a cool mason jar that can be used as a gift. 

Here are a few other essential oils that can be used. 

Tea Tree 10 drops with Sweet Orange 20 drops

Eucalyptus, tea tree, orange a mix of 10 drops each

Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosemary 10 drops of each

or you can make up your own recipe. You can find pure essential oils on our Aromatherapy tab on the website!  or here!

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