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FREE SHIPPING on orders of $45 or more using coupon code "freeship"
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Our new Look!

body spray

We have been working hard this last few months to get a new and updated look to our products! Do not worry we are still offering our same amazing scents, formulas and more but now with a fancy color coding for our aromatherapy products and our new colored logo for all of our other products. 

New to our site is our Energy Cleansing Smudge spray: Energy Cleansing Smudge Spray

Use this spray to clear the mind and create positive energy without the smoke of a sage smudge stick. Made with a touch of sea salt, 100% pure essential oils and a blessing. Use on pillows, linens, body or room spray.

  • Frankincense encourages enlightenment, courage and inspiration.
  • Clary Sage encourages calm, grounding, and balance.
  • Juniper encourages strength, vitality and inner vision. 

We do not use white sage due to the precautions that are possible with that essential oil. So we went to work and blended an amazing scent that cleanses, calms, grounds, encourages and cleanses the body, mind and soul! 

aromatherapy lotions miss doyles

Check out our new look and products and follow our social media for more updates! 

Thanks and happy 2019

Miss Doyle

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