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Relief Cream
Miss Doyle's Soapery

Relief Cream

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Relief Cream is a great massage Cream for achy muscles and joints. 

It is made with essential oils that are known for the following:

Ylang Ylang: nervier (used to calm nerves) antispasmodic, calming, relaxing effect. 

Cypress: restorative, calming, anti-rheumatic ( alleviating or preventing rheumatism) antispasmodic 

frankincense: musculoskeletal ( swollen joints, muscular aches and pains and arthritis)

Sweet Marjoram: musculoskeletal ( joint and muscle pain,rheumatic aches and pains, joint swelling, muscle spasms,) 

Pine: musculoskeletal (muscular aches and pains, rheumatic pain, joint pain) 

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